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Bluesify Your Lindy Hop

Dato og tid

Lørdag d. 5. januar 2019 kl. 11:00 til Søndag d. 6. januar 2019 kl. 14:00


Fredag d. 4. januar 2019 kl. 16:00


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Aarhus Lindy Hoppers
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Have you sometimes felt stuck on the dance floor when a slow song comes on? This workshop is designed to teach you how to not just survive, but have a lot of fun during these songs. 

Miranda (DK) and Liam (UK) have been dancing and teaching blues and slow lindy for years. We are happy that they are now joining us here in Aarhus.
Don't miss this opportunity and join us for a weekend of fun. 

5/1-19: 11-15: Blues 
We will be teaching the basics of blues dancing. The focus will be getting the blues basics feeling great while moving to some awesomely slow music. We will cover different physical connections, including closed embrace, to find musical connection with your partner in a comfortable and communicative way. Finally, we will explore freedom and expression within partner dancing. We will work on seeing, appreciating and being inspired by what your partner is doing, and using it to spice up your own dancing. 

6/1-19: 10-14: Slow lindy
We will slow down our lindy and make it flow and stretch in a fluid and deliberate way. We will take some common moves and adapt them to feel great with slower swing music. We will finish with adapting groove walk lindy hop to suit our slowest tunes. 

Fee and sign up

  • Single lead/follower:    350DKK
If you are signing up as a couple then write your partner's name during sign up. If you are signing up solo, we can't garantee you a spot: first come, first served (money is of course returned if you don't get a spot). 

About the teachers
Miranda loves everything about blues dancing, and brings energy, musicality and positivity to any event she goes to. She’s an accomplished lead and follow, and can be found tearing up dancefloors till dawn all over europe. Blues introduced her second addiction, lindy hop, which she also excels in. Her years of experience teaching both styles let her share her passions with others in a fun, friendly, inclusive way. To her, the core of the dances is joy, musicality, and the connection she has with her partner.
Liam started lindy hopping in 2014 and quickly threw himself into the world of swing dancing, appearing on dancefloors all around the UK. He found blues dancing and blues music shortly after lindy hop and adores how the dances styles complement and enhance one another. He craves flow, gentle connection, and opportunities to listen to inspiration from his partners delight him. The main goal of the work he puts into learning, training and travelling is to craft more moments of joy in social dancing.

If you any questions, feel free to post your question in this event, send us an email at aarhuslindyhoppersevent@gmail.com, or ask any of the event team when you see us :)

We look forward to seeing you!
Aarhus Lindy Hoppers Event Team

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